Maimuna Memon

“I was first taught by Rachel when I was twelve, discovering her due to her teaching my brother piano. I had always enjoyed singing and just wanted to give singing lessons a go. Little did I know how pivotal Rachel’s role would be in shaping my aspirations and achievements to date. After only a short time of being taught by her, a passion was ignited within me. I was always struck and inspired by Rachel’s gregarious nature, her enthusiasm and commitment as a teacher, me always being able to feel comfortable in her presence. I at one stage was having lessons with her at half past eight in the morning every Sunday, because I had play rehearsals at ten; who else would give up their Sunday morning like that?”

“Rachel always supported me and pushed me to stretch and challenge myself. An impulsive choice to try vocal training has led to singing being an intrinsic part of me and my life. Throughout the three years of Rachel’s vocal coaching, she took me through to my Grade 8 in singing and my Diploma in Associate Performance. Her diversity in relation to music led me to appreciate many different genres, try new things and learn so much. She developed my voice in ways I could have never imagined; she brought it from its shell. Because of Rachel, I gained the confidence to audition for my first musical, and surprised myself by obtaining a lead role.”

“Our family immigrated to Australia when I was fifteen. There, I was part of many musicals and singing competitions, but by far the most fulfilling and eye opening experience for me was when my brother and I progressed to the semi finals of Australia’s Got Talent, I singing and my brother playing the guitar. Being able to perform with professional musicians for a live audience was absolutely mind blowing. But it was great to also see what it was like behind the scenes. It was an invaluable experience and an adventure I will never forget.”

“Presently, I have returned to England with the goal to gain admission to drama school. I am in the process of auditions and am just waiting to see what happens next.

It is without a doubt I say that Rachel is a fantastic singing teacher. She started off my journey in performance and I know there is far more to come in the future. I will never know what my ambitions or my approach to singing would have been if I had not found Rachel. All I know is that she gave me the tools and the guidance to be a more confident and competent performer and the passion to pursue singing and performance. To her I will always be grateful for her constant support and belief in me, and the love for singing within me, she enkindled.”