Ben Barnes

Ben BarnesBen came to P.R. because, after facing prejudice regarding his musical preferences, he felt that his ‘inner rock star’ was being suppressed! Well, at P.R., while I feel it is important to keep an open mind and be willing to experience different genres, I am absolutely in favour of ‘being yourself’! Ben’s voice is incredibly versatile, and he has studied many different musical styles, but it was clear where his true passion lay, and he is now able to sing the music he loves with understanding and safe technique. He now fronts a successful rock band under his stage name “BB Gutters” and has high hopes for the future. This is what he says:

“What I like about the sessions I have with Rachel is, there’s no end to what you can learn from her. She never stereotypes people based on their musical choices. Rachel takes vocal health seriously; I have many crazy ideas for what I want to do with my voice for shows, recordings etc. But before I do she makes sure my vocal cords won’t become damaged. Recently I performed in one of Rachel’s shows in which myself and my lead guitarist Kixxy Lovett (Liam Neil) performed 3 songs. I am also performing in an upcoming show with Kixxy. The band I am in also do some work with Rachel with shows and recordings.”