Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

I always love a new musical. And I think this idea of filming stuff in theatres and then showing it in cinemas is a brilliant idea. Not everyone can afford tickets for all the new shows they want to see, not to mention the time and expense involved in travelling to the West End. These “Event Cinema” nights make theatre so much more accessible, to so many more people. Yes ok, nothing beats the live theatre experience, but in the absence of the funding and time I would need to basically go and live in the West End (or on Broadway!) I will keep attending, and keep enjoying these cinema events. 

Myself and my students Morgan, Saff, Cat, Max, Kayden and Lauren went along to Chorley Little Theatre and Bolton and Blackburn cinemas to find out exactly WHY ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’. I’ll tell you why. He’s FABULOUS. A joyful, funny, heartwarming belter of a show that will have you belly-laughing and ugly-crying by turns. And now I have plenty of new repertoire for my students to enjoy. And a lad who now needs me to teach him to walk in heels. Thanks, Jamie. 

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