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Miss RachelRachel began her musical training at the tender age of seven, when her father showed her a VHS video (well it was 1990!) of Rick Wakeman’s legendary “Merlin The Magician”. Watching the sparks almost literally fly from the keys under the great man’s fingers, the wide-eyed child insisted, “Daddy, it’s a trick!”. Upon learning that there was indeed no trick, Rachel ‘picked up a keyboard and never looked back’. Rachel also soon developed a keen interest in piano music, discovered the musical genius of Tori Amos, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Formal vocal training began at the age of twelve under the direction of the musically-named Charles Forte, a retired classical tenor. After six years of classical training, Rachel went to college to complete an Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Popular Music, which included modern vocal training and techniques, as well as Studio Engineering, Music Technology and Music Business. During this time she joined successful college band “Scenario” as keyboard player and backing vocalist, performing gigs all over the north of England.

Upon completing her Diploma, word-of-mouth had already generated many private students for Rachel and so, P.R. Music Tuition was born! As well as her private lessons, she also taught for six years at Dawson’s Academy Of Dance And Stage in Bolton, during which time she taught private lessons, helped students prepare for auditions, co-directed a musical Revue Show, and was given charge of a modern show-choir, long before TV shows such as ‘Last Choir Standing’ and ‘Glee’ ever hit the screens!

Rachel has also worked for years in the world of Amateur Theatre, and can frequently be seen treading the boards at the Darwen Library Theatre with Pepperpot Hill Amateur Theatre Company. She has been Musical Director for this company and gained a NODA nomination for Best Musical Director for her work on ‘Guys And Dolls’. She has also performed as a solo artiste at weddings and other such functions. 

Rachel’s students have the opportunity to perform in many live events throughout the year, including Showcases,  acoustic nights, concerts and Revue shows.

Given her varied musical background and training, Rachel’s teaching combines the ‘best of both worlds’; students receive a thorough grounding in correct and safe vocal technique, underpinned by her years of classical training, together with a more modern outlook in the context of today’s ever-evolving music industry.

“Music is my passion and my life, and through teaching, I am able to share my love of music with others. Of course learning is important, but enjoyment is paramount. If you do not enjoy your lessons, there is simply no point!”

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Rachel E. Toner APNME, DipRSL(Perf), LRSL, MSET, QTLS.

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