Blog 17 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

So here we are the day after our second ever Live Lounge show. This is different from our main annual showcase in that backing tracks are entirely banned and the whole show has to be completely live. Much as I adore the full orchestras, digital rock bands and special effects we have at our disposal […]

Blog 16 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

This week has been very quiet. By that I do not mean that my workload has decreased, make no mistake! What I mean is that I have lost my voice. Yes! For the first time since I was sixteen I am actually poorly enough to say that I have officially lost my voice. I can […]

Blog 15 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

  Happy New Year, folks! Back to business as usual tomorrow, so before the musical madness commences, let me give you a sneak preview of some of the exciting stuff we’ve got coming up this year. Diaries at the ready! 1. Live Lounge. Last year saw us create and produce, for the first time ever, […]

Blog 14 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

So the biggest event in the P.R. calendar, our Annual Showcase, is finally over. Phew. Every year this event pretty much takes over my working and social life for several months of the year. Not that I begrudge any of this. It’s always worth it for myself, and the friends and families of my students […]

Blog 13 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

This week I had the tremendous privilege of seeing, in my humble opinion, the best singer in the world, live in concert. Whatever your field or profession, it is surely your ultimate goal to spend time in the company of, and even to meet, those who have risen to the very top of that career […]

Blog 12 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

Tapped in the head. Because this week, tapping is precisely what we’ve been doing! “Emotional Freedom Technique”, or EFT, is a type of therapy used to treat all kinds of anxiety disorders and problems, including stress, low self-esteem, phobias, or, in our case, stage fright! Stage fright is a horribly debilitating condition (and no, I […]

Blog 11 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

Some facts about this past week: 1. Sometimes despite your best efforts, people fail you. 2. There are some folk in the world who will step in and save the day when fact number 1 occurs. This week, said folk were the wonderful staff at Franky’s Bar in Darwen. The New Generations and their Glee  […]

Blog 10 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

As I collpase into an exhausted heap with a well-earned glass of wine, I contemplate the manic, stressful, emotional, but ultimately worthwhile rollercoaster which has formed the basis of this week. Remember that group of young folk from a local secondary school I featured in my last blog? Well, known as the “New Generations”, these […]

Blog 9 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

Of course the news which has rocked (though not entirely shocked) the music industry this week is the sudden and untimeley death of troubled smoky-voiced star Amy Winehouse. Scarily enough, several months ago, while discussing with a student the latest trouble Amy had landed herself in, I found myself saying “You mark my words, she’ll […]

Blog 8 (archive from Ye Olde Days!)

On Sunday, rather an epic examination session took place involving twelve of my students. This is, in many ways, really good fun. I get to spend time with the examiners, who are really lovely people, I get to bake some form of confectionary to complement the fantastic lunch Eileen always makes, and I get to […]